The Constitution of the Federated Commonwealth of Russia which has been the governing document of (FCR) or Russia since 1923 marked a revolutionary step in Russian history, the constitution was adopted on July 4, 1923.

Article I

The powers of Head-of-State shall be vested in Monarch of the FCR. This monarch shall serve for life and must first nominated by two-thirds of the Federal Assembly and then be approved by three-fourths of the people in a national vote. The powers of the monarch consists mainly of granting royal pardons for crimes against the Federal government.

Article II

The legistative powers shall be vested in a Federal Assembly of FCR which shall consists of a Senate and House of Deputies. The Senate shall consists of two senators elected from each provence for a term of four years. The House of Deputies shall consist of members chosen based on population for a term of two years. The Federal Assembly shll have the authority to tax and spend Federal Commonwealth money as well as elect a prime minister. It shall also have the authority to override presidential vetos by a three-fifths majority.

Article III

The Chief-of-State shall consist of a President of FCR, he shall hold his office during a term of four years together with a vice president, but the president shall be eligible for more than two consecutive terms of office. The President shall the power of Commander-in-Chief of the FCR Military, he shall have the power to veto legislation passed by the Federal Assembly, he may however be overruled by three-fifths of the Assembly. The president shall be assisted by a Prime Minister of the FCR he shall hold his office during a term of two years and shall be elected by the Assembly. The prime minister shall have the athority to appoint the members of the Executive Council upon approval by the Federal Senate.

Article IV

The judical branch shall consit of one Supreme Court and such inferior courts as the Assembly shall create.

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