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We the people of the southern counties of the United Kingdom declare ourselves as the provisional government of the south of England until such a time as a true heir to the British Crown arrives to take control of our nation. To aid us in this aim we lay down this constitution and associated amendments.

Article One

Part One

We declare the former counties of South England to be reformed as the Federal Republic of the Isle of Wight and Sussex.

Part Two

We declare the Federal Republic to be made up of six states; Hastings, Worthing, Arun, East Wight, West Wight and the offshore Islands.

Part Three

We also set up three areas within the Federal Republic to be set up free of government control, these will be; the Channel Forts under the control of the Republican Navy, the Coastal Fortresses under the control of the Federal Army and the East Cowes shipyard under the control of Westland and Saunders Roe

Part Four

Should the Federal Republic reach such a size that the parliament believes it necessary to create a new state a 75% majority shall be needed.

Part Five

Any areas annexed into the Republic shall be added to the nearest state to the point of its expansion.

Article Two

Part One

The Federal Republic shall be ruled by a Head of State and a Head of Government

Part Two

The duties of the Head of State shall be fulfilled by the Monarch of the British Isles and are thus: The Head of State will be responsible for representing the nation in all Foreign business and shall greet foreign dignitaries, They shall give the final assent to all acts of parliament, They are the commander in chief of the Republic's armed forces and have the power to dissolve and summon parliament as well as the ability to appoint the Prime Minister

Part Three

However, due to the gross neglect of duty by the Monarch of the British Isles Queen Elizabeth II and her children are forbidden from ever taking office as Head of State. Another relative of the Monarch of the Isles may take office if it is so willed by 50% or more of Parliament and 60% or more of the Republics population.

Part Four

In the absence of the Monarch all powers of the Head of State are invested in the Lt Governor who shall be elected from Parliament at the start of each term and shall be politically neutral

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