Consteto (887-973) was a general, emperor, creator of the King Grios Force, and the incitor of the Sican Reconquest. He was a Hill tribesman.

Early Life

Consteto was the son of the king of Xanux. In 898, at the age of 11, Xanux was invaded by the Tang Chinese, and Consteto was given a small military force. He was an extremely wise tactician and the victory of the battle if credited to him.

Military Career

After the battle of Xanux, Consteto's father made him the general of the entire army of the Hill tribe. He was victorious in reconquering China in the Chinese Reconquest, and at the age of 16, he had completely invaded China, and helped his father re-establish the Hill Dynasty of China.

Emperor of Hill China

Consteto was a fair emperor. He had aspirations of economic, cultural, and military growth, but his governing skills were limited. Instead, he was a brilliant military leader, and he spent most of his time conquering.

Leader of the King Grios Force

Consteto established the King Grios Force in 907.

He helped the Domes conquer China from 907-9 and establish the Empire of Domucc in 909.

In 912, Consteto led the King Grios Force into Persia, completely conquering the area by 916. He also led the Arab Reconquest from 922-35.

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