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The portrait of Constantinus II on a Abian coin.

Constantine II (b.399 B.C.- 33o B.C.)was the king of Abxa from 355-330 B.C..


Constantine II was born in the capital of Abxa, Moesia. His father, Constantine I, ruled Abxa from 401 to 355 B.C.Constantine's mother was Demitra. It is uncertain whether she was legally married to Constantine I, or merely his mistress.Constantius was an officer in the Abian navy in 380 B.C.Constantius advanced through the ranks, becoming admiral in 360 B.C.Constantine received a formal education with Massalian scholars, where he learned Greek literature, Persian, and philosophy.


Constantine II married to Maria Kostas, daughter of a nobleman, in 377 B.C. They were married for 4 years until Constantine II had to report to a battle near Esmiria. When he returned triumphantly he was told the sad news of his wife dying from a plague.Constantine II did not manage to have children so when he bacame king, his advisors were worried because he had no heir.Constantine II's brother had a child in 359 B.C. called Kleitos. Kleitos became the king.

Constatine II died from food poisoning.

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