Constance Sybille of England
|210px|alt=|Holy Roman Empress]]
Holy Roman Empress
Tenure 1 April 1577 - 20 January 1612
Predecessor Maria of Spain
Spouse Rudolph II
Issue Rudolph III

Archduke Maximilian
Archduke Ferdinand
Maria Anna, Queen of Naples
Archduke Wenzel
Maria Gabriela, Grand Duchess of Tuscany
Maria Carolina, Queen of Spain

House House of Tudor (by birth)

House of Hapsburg (by marriage)

Father Edward VI
Mother Isabella of Cleves
Born 17 October 1561
Hampton Court Palace, England
Died 23 September 1620 (aged 58)
Burial Prague, St. Vitus Cathedral
Religion Anglican

Constance, Holy Roman Empress (Constance of England) (17 October 1561 - 23 September 1620) was Holy Roman Empress as the wife of Rudolph II from 1 April 1577 until his death in 1612. She was the third daughter of Isabella of Cleves and Edward VI. Her marriage was used to appease the Protestant states of the Holy Roman Empire.

Early Life

Constance was born on 17 October 1561 at Hampton Court Palace. Her birth was the most difficult of her mother's labors, nearly causing her death. Constance was born on the same day as her father's illegitimate daughter, Bridget FitzRoy. She was one of her mother's favorite children due to her intelligence, causing her to be shunned by her sisters Jane, Anne and Philippa. She was given her own establishment at Hatfield House when she was three years old, under the care of Lady Anne Langley. Her companions were Lady Anne Howard, Lady Cecily Boleyn, Lady Maria Howard, and Lady Katherine Dudley from 1566 onward. She was raised to be a devout Protestant and this was a determining factor in her betrothal.

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