The Conservative Party of the United States is a right-wing political party in the CSA founded in 1990 by Ross Perot, Pat Choate, and Pat Buchanan and is described as a right-libertarian, populist and Christian democratic political party. Since the mid-1990s, it has largely replaced the Southern Front as the main party of the Confederate Right. Though it is socially conservative like the Front, it does not support free trade, "appropriationism," establishmentarian politics, or foreign interventionism, and has softer views on Confederate nationalism and economic interventionism.

The Conservative Party is also notable for its departure from race-baiting as a common political strategy, with successful 2005 Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee openly courting the black and Hispanic vote en route to his landslide victory. After seizing control of both houses of the Confederate Congress and most state houses in the 2003 and 2005 elections, the Conservative Party has lost seats both at the federal and state level ever since, losing control of Congress once again in the 2013 midterms. The current President, Rick Perry, is a Conservative who was previously a Progressive until he switched party affiliations in 1997.

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