Conservative Party of the United States
Chairperson Jon Huntsman
Senate Leader Raymond Tusk
House Leader Linda Vasquez
Chair of Governors Association Elizabeth Davis
Preceded by Americans Elect, Reform Party
Headquarters Conservative National Office
Washington D.C.
Student wing College Conservatives
Youth wing Conservative Future
  • Conservatism (American)
  • Centrism
  • Internal factions:
  •   • Progressive Conservatism
  •   • New Nationalism
  •   • Fiscal conservatives
  •   • Moderates
  •   • American expansionism
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation International Democrat Union

The Conservative Party, officially the Conservative of the United States is a center-right political party in the United States that espouses the philosophies of conservatism and centrism. As of 2013 it is the largest political party in the United States with 303 Seats in Congress, the largest party in state Upper and Lower houses. It governs in coalition the Democrats, with Linda Vasquez, the Speaker of the House, and Raymond Tusk as President Pro-Tem of the Senate.

Currently the party's platform is generally based upon centrism, in contrast to the Democratic Party, whose members endorse more liberal policies, and the Republican party, whose remaining members endorse far-right policies.