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The Conservative Party is a political party of the Confederate States, founded in 1935. It has contested thirteen presidential elections, winning five.

Presidential candidates

Successful presidential candidates are highlighted in bold:
  • 1939: Josiah W. Bailey (North Carolina) and Hatton W. Sumners (Texas)
  • 1945: Harry F. Byrd (Virginia) and W. Lee O'Daniel (Texas)
  • 1951: Harry F. Byrd (Virginia) and J. Strom Thurmond (South Carolina)
  • 1957: J. Strom Thurmond (South Carolina) and Richard B. Russell (Georgia)
  • 1963: Ross R. Barnett (Mississippi) and Luther Hodges (North Carolina)
  • 1969: John C. Stennis (Mississippi) and Orval E. Faubus (Arkansas)
  • 1975: Ernest F. Hollings (South Carolina) and Lewis F. Powell (Virginia)
  • 1981: Lawrence P. McDonald (Georgia) and William L. Scott (Virginia)
  • 1987: Jesse Helms (North Carolina) and Howard H. Baker (Tennessee)
  • 1993: J. Bennett Johnston (Louisiana) and Zell B. Miller (Georgia)
  • 1999: William H. Frist (Tennessee) and W. Thad Cochran (Mississippi)
  • 2005: Fred Thompson (Tennessee) and Robert R. Riley (Alabama)
  • 2011: Michael D. Huckabee (Arkansas) and James W. DeMint (South Carolina)

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