In 1941, The Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa. We all know the effects this had on the world, and how it lead to the defeat of Nazi Germany and the Axis. But what if Hitler hadn't invaded Russia? What if he delayed it for the invasion of several other European countries? What if all Europe felt the sting of the Axis?

Barbarossa delayed.

In 1941, with the invasion of the Soviet Union looming, Hitler elected to delay it so he could consolidate his power in Europe. Habouring a burning hatred for Switzerland, he made plans to invade the nation and destroy it completely. This was opposed by his generals, but he refused to listen, stating that the "pimple of Europe" must be crushed.

Meanwhile, Japan prepared to invade Hawaii, instead of a proposed attack on Pearl Harbor. This was agreed as better by some. However, others wanted to invade the Soviet Union. After much debate, it was decided to invade Hawaii first, and await the German Invasion of Russia.

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