If you join in this Map Game you can: 

  • Colonize different parts of the world.
  • Take colonies away from other countries.
  • Landlock nations by taking all of their territories accessible to water.

HOWEVER, THERE IS A TWIST. Just like in the 1400's you will have no idea where you will land once you try to colonize. You will publicly say on this page that you want to colonize. You only have the power to say what region of the world you want to colonize (Ex. Holy Roman Empire Turn #16 - I want to colonize the Mexico Region) you will colonize somewhere in that general area. 

If you DO NOT understand after reading the rules look at the Short Example Section and it might help. 

If you STILL do not understand ask a question, comment, or tell me any concerns you have in the Question, Comment, Concerns section of this page. 

Becoming part of the Map Game 

Turn #1 will start 22 August at 9:00PM EST and keep going for 21-24 Hours

On 15 August between 12:00PM EST and 4:00PM EST players will be picked. If you want to be in the game put your name down at the side of a country you want. You can put your username down for as many countries as you want but you can only get one country. 

Write your username down next to any of the countries listed below and you may be picked to be a country. You might get picked to be another country if there are too many people wanting the same country you want. But I will try my best to get you one of the countries you want.

  • Portugal- 
  • Ireland- 
  • Spain- 
  • Great Britain- 
  • Holy Roman Empire- 
  • Scandinavia- 
  • Poland- 
  • Teutonic Prussia- 
  • Ottoman Empire- 
  • Livonia- 
  • Pskov- 

On 22 August between 12:00PM EST and 4:00PM EST players will be picked to be rebel territories. If you want to be a rebel territory just write your username down on the Map Game. You MAY be chosen at ANY TIME DURING THE GAME. When a main country is not taking care of itself territories may rebel and try to create its own independent state. 

If you want to be a rebel territory put your username here: 


The game starts in 1475 Europe and the game will end in the year 1575

Every five years a new map will be projected on the page. 

Between 1475-1491 you will only work within Europe. 

In the year 1491 (after 16 turns) all countries that still have access to a port (meaning the country is not land locked) will be allowed access to the outside world. Any country that has one ship and gains access to water can colonize any part of the world they want. However, you have a 50/50 chance of your ship either getting lost in the ocean or striking land. 

One turn = One year 

Everyone can post two things they want to happen in one turn but understand that in this Map Game everyone can publically see what you want to have happen in that year. You can change what you want to do until 6:00 EST. Between the times of 6:00PM EST and 9:00PM EST a map will be updated privately and a public map will be projected every five turns. At 9:00PM EST you can look at a brief written timeline of what each country has done. Also at 9:00 PM EST a new turn will begin. You will see your new Gold, unemployment rate, and public popularity as well as other countries gold, unemployment rate, and public popularity. 

Each country will have at the start of the game: 15 Gold, 5% Unemployment rate, 50% Public Popularity. Each country's Gold, Unemployment rate, and popularity of their citizens is all made public on this map game and be used as an advantage for them or a disadvantage. When wanting to declare war on a country it is highly suggested you look at their Gold, unemployment rate, and popularity to see what your odds of winning the war would be. 

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that if you send any ships out at sea you must say, when it is your turn, if you want it to land in either the: Canada Region, American Region, Mexico Region, Central Region, Caribbean Region, Northern South American Region, Central South American Region, Southern South American Region, Australian & New Zealand Region, South East Asia Region, Indian Region, Middle Eastern Region, North African Region, Central African Region, or Southern African Region, or you can even chose Random Region which will stick your colony anywhere in the world. 

(Ex. Holy Roman Empire Turn 16- I want one ship to cross over to the American Region) in this example American Region means anywhere in present day America. 

Side Note: You can't colonize in the middle of the continent until you have developed a colony around the shore area. 


Earn Gold By: 

You want Gold so you can declare war, keep your economy afloat, and so you can buy ships (ships are explain in the Lose Gold By: section) To earn gold you can: 

1. Surveying new land that is colored in black = ten Gold 

2. Colonizing a territory successfully and peacefully gives you = two Gold per year **note if another country claims one of your territories by issueing war you WILL NOT earn gold for that year. 

3. Winning a war = 15 Gold per year you were in that war (Ex. War time was one year you get 15 Gold if you win, War time was two years you get 30 Gold if you win.) 

4. Eliminating a country completely from the game gives you the amount of gold the country you eliminated had before the elimination. (Ex. Holy Roman Empire eliminates France since France had 200 Gold Holy Roman Empire gains 200 Gold) 

Lose Gold By: 

1. Buying one ship = -15 Gold ***Notice: the more ships you send in one journey the higher the chance is one of them will make it across the ocean safely*** If you just send one ship over you have 50% chance it will sink 50% chance it will make it. If you send over two or more it increases your odds. 

2. Having a portion of your land you own rebel against you cost = 30 Gold 

3. Losing a war costs = 15 Gold per year 

4. IMPORTANT: War costs = two Gold per year

If there is a country that owns land that you want you cannot declare war on the entire country but you can declare war on the territory. Example of this would be (Holy Roman Empire Turn 1- I declare war on an eastern territory of France). 

Unemployment Rate

Unemployment rate chances every turn and you must be between 3%-15% to be okay. If you get any higher than 15.0% you have a chance that people will start to rebel from your nation. 

Unemployment rate depends mainly on how much Gold you have, how much colonization you have done, and how active you are in the game. 

Public Popularity 

Public Popularity also effects your unemployment rate. If you have a high unemployment rate of 20% your popularity will go down and you become at risk of have people in your country start to rebel from your nation. 

Public Popularity depends on how active you are in the game, if you are at war, how much Gold you have, and have much land you own. 

Independent Rebel States

If you have unemployment rate higher than 15.0% or if you have a low Public Popularity or are in debt (meaning you actually spent too much) you develop a high risk of having territories declare their independence from you. 

If you like it or not, independent rebel states are bond to happen at least one time in your gameplay. 

If you are playing as an independent rebel state you ARE NOT a true country until you gain territory from the country you were originally part of. 

Rebel States cannot: 

  • Buy ships 
  • Cross the ocean to develop a colony. 


  • Become a main country until they have won territory against the country they originally were part of. Once a Rebel State steals at least one territory they can move on to become a new nation. The nation is typically named after a country that owns that land in present day. (Ex. Holy Roman Empire owns present day Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Switerzerland, and if Austrian Rebels rebel in what is now present day Austria and win the war they will become the Country of Austria) 


The most VERY IMPORTANT rules

Since this is long and chances are you skipped most of it the most important rules are that you do not colonize until the year 1491. You understand that the only thing you do is you put in 0-2 commands every turn. If you are busy that day or you simply don't want to do anything you don't have to put in a command.

Anything in black is territory that can be taken as long as you do not need acess to a ship.

It is possible for a colony to die out this is more common in places like Canada where the winter's are harsh and can harm, cause injury, or even kill members of your colony. 

UNDERSTAND ALL COMMANDS ARE MADE PUBLIC. You can't try to be sneaky very well unless you wait until the last minute. If you expose all of your commands earlier on in the turn the more likely it is that others will read your commands and understand your strategy. If you wait until the last hour of the turn your more likely to not have people view your commands. 

You can only colonize when you have at least one ship which you can buy (as a command) with 15 Gold per ship.

[read the Independent State Section of this page over again as that is very important to understand] 

Everyone is given 15 Gold, an unemployment rate of 5%, and 50% Public Popularity to start off with.


The portion of the map that is white is not allowed to be taken by any country UNLESS it is a white island in the Atlantic Ocean or in the Mediterranean. Any white island in the Atlantic Ocean or Mediterranean is up for grabs.

When declaring war on a territory you have no control over what territory you get but it will 99% of the time border your country from the start unless it is overseas. If you say "I declare war on Paris Territory, France) you will most likely be declaring war on a territory that is in the general region of Paris. Another example would be (I declare war on Virginia, USA) you will likely receive a territory very close to what is present day Virginia. 

Short Example Round 

Portugal Turn #20- Command 1: I declare war on Spain Command 2: Buy one ship 

Portugal has: 30 Gold, 8.5% unemployment, 60% Public Popularity 

Ireland Turn # 20- Command 1: Buy three ships Command 2: Colonize American Region 

Ireland has: 23 Gold, 8.0% unemployment rate, 70% Public Popularity

Spain Turn # 20- Command 1: Colonize Random Region Command 2: Declare war on colonized territory of Great Britain in the Southern African Region. 

Spain has: 10, Gold, 17.5% unemployment rate, 35% Public Popularity 


Tells specific countries if another country has declared war on them or if special instructions need to be given. Check this daily when the game starts especially after the end of a turn. 

Current Map

Europe Map 1

Questions, Comments, Concerns

write any questions comments or concerns below: 

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