Conon the Great (444 BCE- 394 BCE) was an Athenian General and Politician, who is widely regarded as Athens greatest general during the Peloponnesian and First Syracusan War. Conon's victories at Aegospotami, Sparta, and his failed breakage campaign in Northern Attica, led to the assemblies declaration of Conon as "the Great". He died in the Battle of Eleusis , while desperately fighting of Theban troops north of Athens.

Conon is best known for his famous encircling maneuver during the Battle of Aegospotami, where he is acknowledged as the "victor of Athens" who individually defeated the Spartan armies with his superior tactics.
Conon the Great
Timeline: Athenian Legacy

Portrait of Conon the Great

Strategos of Athens
410-394 BCE

Born 444 BCE
Died 394 BCE:The Battle of Eleusis
Religion Greek Pantheon
Profession General and Statesman