The Congress of Vienna and sometimes known as Vienna Conference is a global conference that was originally created in regard of the French Revolutionary War, but was re-established in 1871 by Amadeo I of Spain to help resolve the increasing global tensions and to end nationalism with its replacment being world peace.


Any nation can send ambassadors to the conference, bringing into discussion the topic of choice depending on the need based of the opinion of other participates. There are three branches of the congress, each one with there own power to pass/disclose proposals and other topics.

The First World Branch

NOTE: At the moment, neither the United States or Confederate States may join this branch due to the continuation of violence between the two.

Hostililities ended over 2 turns ago between the USA and CSA.

The First World Branch is made up of world powers, each one is responsible for proposals and agreements that help benefit to either one of the other branches. These members are elected to this title by vote by the other members. These include:

Spain - King: Amadeo I - Ambassador/Diplomat: Buenaventura de Abarzuza y Ferrer

United kingdom -

Russia -Tsar Alexander II - Ambassador/Diplomat:Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich

Ottoman Empire - Ambassador/Diplomat: Sultan Abd-ul-Aziz

China -

Japan -

United States of America- Ambassador/Diplomat: William Seward

All other nations must be voted in to this position.

The Regional Branch

Note: A unknown member of the community who either does not have a account or is not showing it has left some info on the talkpage, helping me by giving more info. The Regional Branch is made up of regional powers, hence the name of the branch, these nations have the ability to counter proposals and agreements of the First branch but do not have too much power alone in the congress itself.


Prussia - Chief Ambassador Otto von Bismarck

Siam -

Italy -

Austria-Hungary - Chief International Ambassador Nikolaus Graf Szecsen von Temerin

Ethiopia - Emperor Yohannes IV - Ambassador/Diplomat: Adal Abuna Dimtsu

Confederate States of America: Ambassador/Diplomat: Judah P Benjamin

France-Vatys from Year to Year.

(Note: You can add your nation here or the Third World Branch only until voted into the upper ranks)

The Third World Branch

The Third World Branch is every small and megre nation in the world, they have the same abilities as the Regional Branch.


(Note: You can add your nation here or the Regional Branch only until voted into the upper ranks)

Monthly Disscusion

These are disscusions that usually don't involve every member of the conference and is for more personal gain.

Pizzaro F.C. is now requesting ownership of various agricultural plantations in exchange for more profit to any South/Middle American and Asian country.

Yearly Disscusion

These are the main topics of disscusion in which every nation usually has a say in it, this is where every nation will speak when the time comes.


Possible Joining of Entente and Joint Alliance. (Only Entente and Joint alliance members can comment).

  • As Prussia, I wholeheartedly agree to this notion. Rcox1995 16:52, April 17, 2011 (UTC)
  • Ethiopia would agree to this, but personally I think it would be easier for Russia just to join the Entente as Prussia is already in the entente and this way would save time and effort on getting everyone in the Entente to agree: VonGlusenburg 17:49, April 17, 2011 (UTC).

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