Emperor Hirohito: In the name of The Japanese Empire I would like to welcome our esteemed guests to this congress. I hope that by the end of January we will have a powerful alliance.

General Tojo: Our state has noticed many flaws in the Axis Alliance and are proposing a new alliance and if that doesn't succeed a trade organization would be just as well. So without further or do we shall begin with Polish-Lithuania ambassador telling us what he thinks.

Adok Bartosz (Polish Ambassador): I thank you General, I have been permitted to speak on behalf of the Baltic Commonwealth and his majesty, King Wladyslaw the First, whom sends his apologies for not coming in person. The newly formed Baltic Commonwealth is standing with its head held high after our Italian victory. This offer from the Japanese is indeed a superb offer we do however have some things we must consider. First and foremost is the USSR to the East. Poland has been on good terms with the Russians and is a major member of the Comintern. If we were to join your alliance we fear we would lose the good relations and even anger our eastern neighbour. Therefore, would the Alliance be able to provide reliable and consistent help in the case of a war with Russia.

General Tojo: The Alliance will try and provide as much help as we can to Russia if she was ever in a war with one of Enemies. I believe the Austro-Hungarian Ambassador would like to talk?

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