Logo This alternate history related article is a stub. You can help by expanding it. Congo uprising is a uprising occur the Germany Zentralafrika at June 1969. It is the first uprising in Africa after Germany signed the Capetown Treaty that allowed the suzerain annex the colony in Africa.

The reason of the uprising is about the 3.18 coup in Congo. The local army foster the new government as their puppet, then they independent from Germany. The first place of uprising is at Kikwit, more than 2,500 people join the rebels. The support the uprising in another place. Then the uprising spread to Kinshsa, Matadi, IIebo. In all of country, there are about 260,000 people join the rebel army.

After Germany know this, the parliament of Germany approve to sent troops to Congo to counterinsurgency. Totally 21,000 soldier are sent to Congo. In 21 September,1969 , 11,000 troops landing at Banana(a city name), 5,000 troops attacks from Ostafrika, the last 6,000 troops are came to Congo by British Central Africa. The Germany Army took 25 days to counterinsurgency and controlled all of Congo.

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