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The Confuso Islands are an archipelago of islands of the Coast of Europe in the Atlantic Ocean that formed during the Cold War due to volcanic activity caused by over bombing near the Atlantic Ocean. They belong to three countries: The Capanyattia Islands in the north, Morocco-Portugal in the middle and England in the south.


The actually name of the Confuso Islands is islasquenoestabanallílaúltimavezquenavegamosatravésdeestepocodemaryamenosqueplenamentedimoslavueltacreoquehetenidodemasiadodeesasangríadenuevoyheempezadoaverlascosasapesardequelasangríaesbueno, islasAnder islands because when Hai Alves (The discoverer of the Confuso Islands) first saw them that was what he said. The name is Spanish for islandsthatwerenottherelasttimewesailedacrossthisbitofoceanandunlesswefullyturnedaroundIthinkthatIhavehadtoomuchofthatsangriaagainandhavestartedseeingthingsalthoughthatsangriaisgood, Ander islands. Because of the extremely long name, the islands are most commonly referred to as the Confuso islands (Spanish for confusing), which pretty much sums it up.


The Confuso Islands started forming in 1961 after the Jovo explosion. They first broke the surface of the water in 1976 and where discovered by Spanish sailor Hai Alves in February 1977 who gave them their name. They where claimed by the crew of the Azul Barco Crucero. Below is a table showing occupation of the islands by different countries up until 1992. There has been no political change since 1992 to the Confuso Islands according to what country they are part of.

Year Northern Area Middle Area Southern Area
1977 ABC Crew\Spain ABC Crew ABC Crew
1978 Spain\O.U of the Spanish Countries ABC Crew\O.U of the Spanish Countries ABC Crew
1979 O.U of the Spanish Countries O.U of the Spanish Countries ABC Crew
1980 O.U of the Spanish Countries O.U of the Spanish Countries ABC Crew\Morocco-Portugal
1981-1982 O.U of the Spanish Countries O.U of the Spanish Countries Morocco-Portugal
1983 O.U. of the Spanish Countries Morocco-Portugal Morocco-Portugal\Algeria
1984-1989 O.U. of the Spanish Countries Morocco-Portugal Algeria
1990 O.U. of the Spanish Countries Morocco-Portugal Algeria\England
1991 O.U. of the Spanish Countries\Capanyattia Islands Morocco-Portugal England
1992 Capanyattia Islands Morocco-Portugal England

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