1850- The Mormons in Deseret resist and fight the Utah war. Johnston's army quickly defeats them in the Battle of Fort Bridger. Brigham Young is almost hung, but President Buchanan negotiates a compromise, where Johnston is declared military governor of Deseret, and all citizens of Deseret receive a full pardon.

1861- When the civil was breaks out, A.S. Johnston stays at his post.

1862- Grant and Buell link up at Shilo unharried, and defeat P.G.T. Beauregard's weak defense at Jackson, Mississippi, and end the Western theater within the year.

1863- The C.S.A. surrenders at the battle of Richmond, after Meade's Army of the Potomac and Grant's Army of the Tennessee link up.

1870- A.S. Johnston dies at age 67. General William Tecumseh Sherman is placed as military governor of Deseret Territory.

1889- Assassins from Deseret kill both President Benjamin Harrison and Vice President Levi P. Morton at the Inauguration. Speaker of the House John Griffen Carlisle becomes President.

1891- Sherman dies at age 71. Theodore Roosevelt becomes appointed governor, after petition from Deseret citizens to remove some of the occupational forces.

1917- President Wilson's Inauguration convoy is assaulted by Deseret citizens armed with Browning Automatic Rifles. Vice President Marshall saves the president by covering him in his body, taking most of the bullets. Wilson's leg is hit 5 times, however, and doctors have to remove bones. He has to walk with a cane and has a profound limp the rest of his life.

1918- Deseret vigilantes under direction of Roosevelt kill Pancho Villa. Zapata becomes dictator of Mexico.

1919- Roosevelt dies. The Secretary of State is now given the rank of "Governor General of Deseret".

1956- Deseret embraces Socialism. They receive arms, funds, and military training from undercover KGB agents. The freedom movement known as the Deseret Independence Army (D.I.A.) comes into being.

1980- A shootout between U.S. soldiers and D.I.A. members takes place in Ogden, Military District of Utah. 3 soldiers and 4 D.I.A. members die in the 4-hour firefight.

1995- After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain, Deseret is flooded with loyal communists and quickly gets about 45% of all Soviet military surplus.

2003- D.I.A. members assault the White House, killing 5 members of the cabinet, and declare Deseret's independence. Bush sends the U.s. army to put down the rebellion.

2005- The U.S. death toll in Deseret reaches 14,000. Estimates for D.I.A. deaths are at 15,671.

2008- The U.S. withdraws, and Deseret becomes independent.

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