If two players have a military conflict, please complete the calculation below before going any further.

  1. There are 5 soldiers per square mile of your empire.
  2. Find all of the countries your empire contains and their square mileage before dividing that by 5, you will then get the amount of soldiers you own.
  3. Complete the algorithm below-

Empire with the most soldiers gains 15 points.

Each country an empire owns, it gets +1 point.

Defensive Empire gets 10 points.

Invading Empire gets -5 points.

On which region are you fighting?

Byzantine Empire- Mediterranean
Ayyubid Egypt- Desert
Kievan Rus- Taiga
Arab Tribes- Desert
Khwarezm Sultanate- Desert
Cumania- Steppe
Khara-Khitai- Steppe
Tibetan Kingdoms- Mountainous
Hindu States- Jungle
Khmer Empire- Jungle
Jurchen Dynasty- Temperate
Mongol Empire- Steppe
Japanese Clans- Temperate

Depending on the nation, it they are fighting on their home climate (steppe, desert...etc.) they get 10 points. Example- The Khwarezm Sultanate invades the Ayyubids, and since the Khwarezm invaders are from a desert environment, they get plus 10 points, but they also lose 5 because they are the invading force. It the Khwarezm Sultanate invaded the Kara-Khitai, then they would not get a bonus because their homeland is not a steppe.

At the end of the calculations, add up your total points and compare on the 'talk' page. Whoever is victorious gets one country out of the conquered nation.

Example- The Kievan Rus invade the Cumans, so they get Kazakhstan (Google a country within the conquered country if you are unsure. Then, at the end of the turn/year, edit the map so that the desired country is now owned by the victorious invaders.

If you are unsure about the content above, please reread this article, scan over the image below, or leave a message at my talk page. you don't want to go into battle unprepared, do you?

Battle Algorithm Explained-0

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