The Conference of Utrecht is a global meeting to end the various wars occurring throughout the globe, to solve problems, and to create peace and co-operation in the world. It is hosted by Switzerland in Zurich.

Invited Members

Issue I: Belgium and the Saarland

The Netherlands: Our sole goal and demand in this war, is that we get the lands Belgium holds(not the Congo). Belgium was unjustly created in 1830 by revolt. The leadership during that time, was the monarchy. The monarchy is no longer in power, and we can assure that the people in Belgium will be equal to those of our own. Because, for a fact, we see the Belgians as our own. There is a large population of Dutch in Flanders especially. We demand Flanders, to bring the Dutch home.

  • Not plausible: Treaty of London (1839)
  • Belgium already ended their own neutrality.
  • Your point is valid, but Tr0llis, you weren't invited. Please refrain from participating. 
  • I'm not participating, I'm just speaking as a user.

Switzerland: Belgium was create due to Dutch oppression in 1830, they had a right to secede just as you did from the Habsburgs. Belgium should remain independent ans you should work out your differences diplomatically, as opposed to invading and trying to assimilate a nation that does not want that.

Soviet Union: While not necessarily condoning the Dutch demand, the Soviet Union respectfully asks that Switzerland, as the host, maintain a neutral position during negotiations. 

Switzerland: We will attempt to be neutral, but we should still be allowed to voice our opinions, concerns and suggestions. We will not try to impose that upon any nation.

The Netherlands: Switzerland has shown it is unfit to be a host. Perhaps it is not as neutral as thought. On to the point at hand. The Belgians were oppressed by the Oranjes. The monarchy. We are no longer a monarchy. We are no longer ruled by the tyrants who oppressed the Belgians. We are now a country, where every man is equal! We are a country, where Dutchmen from everywhere, can come, and feel home. 

France: The French Republic proposes that at most the Dutch should be allowed to take the most concentrated areas of Dutch peoples in Belgium. Antwerp and Limburg. Simultaneously with the proposal, we propose the French have full occupation of the Saarland as the region is relatively small, a low population within said region, and has very little within the region

The Netherlands: The Dutch will continue to claim the provinces of West-Flanders and East-Flanders. We will not continue our claim on Flemish Brabant. 

France: The French Republic states that taking those regions will effectively land lock the nation, hindering its economic status, and propose that if they truly believe in the freedoms it so proclaims it will allow the Belgians to keep West and East-Flanders, but let them take Antwerp and Limburg. Antwerp and Limburg. Simultaneously with the proposal, we propose the French have full occupation of the Saarland as the region is relatively small, a low population within said region, and has very little within the region

The Netherlands: The Dutch are willing to drop West-Flanders, but take East-Flanders. In return we accept the French proposal for the Saarland.

The Netherlands: Never mind

The United States suggests that if Belgium is partition, Brussels could become a free city and a condominium between France and the Netherlands.

The German Reich will only agree to peace on a basis of Ante-Bellum borders, and a white peace in general. This means that the Saarland would remain a part of Germany and France withdraw from the Rhineland. also the Saar area is economically important to Germany.

Issue II: Poland

Poland: First of all, I know we are not invited, I just feel like informing you of the situation. Poland definitely wants to remain an independent nation, but we are definitely influenced and allied by the USSR. The Nationalists (Pro-Germans) have lost the Civil War, and though there are still pockets of rebellion, there is no chance of them overthrowing Kasprzak. We would like to at least have access to Gdansk as otherwise we would have no port and no ability for trade.

  • No invitation is no speaking.

Germany: Germany and the soviet union have signed an armistice and the deal with Poland will be discussed between Berlin and moscow at later talks once the war in the west is over.

Issue III: Indochina

GEACOP: Vietnamese people since the European imperialists have colonized them has wanted independence. As a part of GEACOP they will be highly autonomous and equal as all Asians are. They will prosper and no longer be second class citizens

Switzerland: While France and the GEACOP should come to an agreement over this area peacefully, we believe the people of Indochina should be involved in any say regarding their future.

France: We will allow the Japanese to take our Vietnam colony, but allow us to maintain our the rest of our Indochina colonies.

Issue IV: China, Xianjing, Manchuria, and Mongolia

The Republic of China: Our main goal is to reclaim the unjustly stolen territories of China. There is a significantly large portion of Han people in several Japanese territories. We also believe that the Soviets should withdraw from regions such as Xianjing and Mongolia. They have no just intervention in any of these regions. We believe that these regions should be under Chinese leadership, and if not, at the least independent. What we request from the Japanese is at the least, all of non-Manchurian China, including Taiwan. At the most, Manchuria as well should be ceded to the Republic of China.

GEACOP: We propose returning non-Manchurian China, minus a few ports, to China. However, Taiwan has been under our jurisdiction since the 1890's

The Republic of China: We accept The GEACOP counter, with the exception of Japanese ports on the Chinese mainland.

Soviet Union: The Soviet Union is willing to perhaps negotiate a partition of East Turkestan on the condition that the inhabitants are not mistreated by returning Chinese authorities and that a general demilitarized agreement affect the region, both Soviet side and Chinese side, for the next five years. 

The Republic of China: We graciously accept the Soviet offer. 

Issue V: Postwar

The Netherlands: We would like an NAP with France after the war.

Poland: We propose that since the League of Nations is failing, a more guided international congress is developed. Other countries can work out the details.

  • Not invited

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