The Conference of Vienna is an ongoing conference on the Balkan Crisis.


Austro-Hungarian Dip (Franz Joseph): I would like to welcome the Czar and hope we can co-operate.

Russian Dip (Mikhail Romanov): We are happy to be here in Vienna. We wish to know the purpose of this meeting.

Franz Joseph: This meeting is about the Balkan Crisis, where we have clashed before.

Mikhail Romanov: What are your intentions in the Balkans.

Serbia dip (Nikola Pašić): We feel violated and oppressed by Austria. We are tired of them suppressing the Slavic people of the Balkans, their imperialist actions toward Serbia. You should pull out of the Balkans and stop threatening us.

Mikhail Romanov: We are very shocked by the Kaiser's actions and demand him to stop.