Conference of Toulouse (The Ashes of Rome Map Game)
The Conference of Toulouse.JPG
Other names Meeting of the Legends
Participants *
Location Toulouse, Kingdom of Hispania
Date January 1 to 8, 745
The Conference of Toulouse, known to some historians as the Meeting of the Legends, was a political conference organized by Queen Sventhila Lousean of the Kingdom of Hispania (formerly the Visigothic Kingdom), following the capture of Rome and the end of the War for the Ashes of Rome. The Conference assembled some of the greatest rulers of the first half of the 8th century, or representatives of their countries, and is considered by most modern historians as the first attempt for a peaceful and united Europe following the breakup of the Gothic dominion.


In 735, a meeting was organized by the the Visigoth Queen Sventhila Lousean in order for both sides of the conflict known as the War for the Ashes of Rome to end the war and find a arrangement. Only Leo III was in favor of this meeting, however, as both Frankish King Peter I and Gepid Consul Hermenigild Valomer were at the time besieging Rome.

In 739, the Coalition was finally able to claim Rome, though it was done at the expense of King Peter I's life. The Pope, John Francis II, also died the same year, leaving Rome without a clear ruler. The Gepid Republic took actions and tried to pressure the cardinals to put their archbishop on the Holy Seat.

During the previous decades, the Kingdom of Gotland-Lombardy began to fight a guerrilla war against the Franks in hope of recovering their old lands of Lombardy. The war was hard for both nations, with victories on either side.

With all those issues in Europe, Sventhila Lousean, now foreseeing the end of the war, tried to organized a new meeting, which would result in the Conference of Toulouse.

Representatives Present

Hispania (Organizers)

  • Queen Sventhila Lousean
  • Lord Commander Alexander Salvioli

Byzantine Empire

  • Emperor Leo III (was invited)

Carthaginian Empire

  • Recimi Avagis

Celtic League

  • King Ankou Eversnow (invited)
  • Keagan Eversnow

Frankish Kingdom

  • King Peter II (invited)

Gepid Republic

  • General Vithimiric Aric of the First Gepid Mercenary Force

Kingdom of Gotland/Lombardy

  • Lord Tryggvi Úlfr of Zlín (title not recognized by Frankish Kingdom)

Kingdom of Jutland

  • Jarl Bodil Abelone II (was invited)
  • Jarl Bodil Abelone III (in his place)

Papal States

  • Pope Felix V (born Witiric Hunigild)


Due to the lack of members attending (only the Hispanics, Lombards, Celts, Carthaginians, Gepids and Pope attempted), the conference is considered as a failure. However, this attempt for universal peace among European and Mediterranean nations is still seen as the end of the massive war known as War for the Ashes of Rome, and a turning point for Europe.

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