The Conference of Skopje of 1462 is a conference between the Kingdom of Greece and the Third Bulgarian Empire after the liberation of Bulgaria and Wallachia.


Tsar Vasili-Kaloyan of Bulgaria

Having successfully overthrown our mutual ottoman Oppressors, Tsar Vasili-Kaloyan wishes to confirm the status of Greece, but also discuss the potential for border changes or other potentials in regards to certain territories. 

Regarding Borders and territory:

As is obvious to the Tsar, and the King of Greece, the vast majority of the Greeks now live outside of the actual current body of Greek territory this would include territory under control of both the Turks, as well as the Italians and in a small case even my own new Empire. Tsar Vasili-Kaloyan expresses interest in a few options.

Proposal 1: Greece and Bulgaria end age old hatred and attempt to build strong independent Balkan kingdoms, but also require certain border changes to be effected. Bulgaria currently operating as the bulwark of Christianity would like to see Skopje and parts of Macedon returned due to their status in the previous empire. This will be followed by Bulgarians offering a hefty sum for the price as well as guaranteeing the independence of Greece and potentially aiding in their Reconquest of Ionia (Anatolia) from the Turks and saving hundreds of thousands of Ionian Greeks.

Proposal 2: Greece and Bulgaria exchange borders in Thrace and Skopje/Macedon, granting Greece a connection to the Queen of Cities (Constantinople) and also giving Bulgaria back its historical claims in Macedon/Skopje. This will also be followed by a treaty of friendship and alliance between Bulgaria and Greece.

If these are not amenable to the honorable king of Greece, then they will be dealt with at a later date, but it is something that has concerned the Tsar as of late. (if none of these are acceptable ill drop them and we can just move on into building a good diplomatic relationship).

Regarding preventing another Balkan catastrophe:

I find it deplorable the state of the area and wish to see it rebuilt to former glories. Tsar Vasili-Kaloyan offers to extend an offer of Alliance to Greece in order to maintain its current independence but also reclaim a good amount of its historical territory hence stabilizing a very volatile area which could yet see more Muslim invasion. The Intent here is not just to keep the alliance delegated to just our two nations, but to bring in more nations into the Balkan League a defensive alliance geared towards keeping the key inroads into the Balkans secure and prevent further invasion. This could potentially grow to see more included members.

Foreign influence in the area: 

What seems to be your status with the surrounding powers, the Tsar has not had time to focus much on exterior politics due to the War and is woefully ignorant of the political structures surrounding Greece Currently.

Any other things you feel need addressing just let me know.

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