This is a secret diplomatic meeting held in Nice, France. Allied leaders and diplomats attended.

War Strategy

Russia, France, Spain, and Italy should launch a massive land invasion of Britain.

Stay on America's good side.

Division of Africa (Assuming Victory)

French Proposal

The map on the right shows the full French Proposal.

Africa after war

Green=Italy, Blue=France, Black=Germany, Brown=Belgium, Pink=Spain, Yellow=Portugal, Light Blue=Ottomans, Purple=Nejd and Jabal Shammar, Olive=Russia

Ottoman Proposal

The Ottoman Empire has Kuwait, Qatar and the Emirates while the Nejd and Jabal Shammer have Oman and Yemen. French response: You will get Qatar and Kuwait. Emirates are up for further discussion.

Lesser Allies (Chile, Nejd, Siam, etc.)

Dealing with Post-War Britain

Ottoman Proposal

We divide Britain into four sections (maybe three if the Ottomans don't invade)

French Section: They get Southern England, the border will be Sheffield. If the Ottomans don't invade Britain, they'll get Cornwall and Southern Wales so the English border would be Chesterfield.

Spanish Section: They'll get Northern England and Northern Wales. The Northern border will be the Scottish border.

Italian Section: They'll get Scotland.

Ottoman Section: (if we invade) We'll get Wales and Cornwall. The border would be the welch border and Bristol to Bournemouth.

Ireland would gain independence but will be a Spanish vassal.

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