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The Conference of Constantinople, taking place between June 15th and September 26th 1598, was attended between different parties of both the nations of Pskov and the Roman Empire, to discuss and resolve the territorial claim conflicts that have arisen between both nation states, the former a fledgling colonial power, and the latter an established colonial empire. The Conference of Constantinople was preceded by the short conference of Pskov (if it can even be called that), held on the 29th of May 1598, where diplomats were given directives to discuss the territorial conflicts in the Imperial Isles (OTL Caribbean Islands) between Pskov and Constantinople. The Conference of Pskov was short and indecisive, with the Veche ultimately deciding to give the Prince and the Imperial Co. a "blank check" mandate to go to Tsargrad and finalize the decision without resorting to war, with the only condition that no concessions be one sided, Pskov must gain for everything it loses, the Veche itself being tired of discussing this matter as basically nobody lived there and they got bored, and would rather discuss the new taxes some find unfair and replace them with other taxes that don't target them specifically. The Conference decided the matter of colonies decidedly between the two powers, and without resorting to violence, becoming popular as a symbol of triumph of diplomacy throughout both the nations involved, and Europe at large, which did not want to see another conflict, especially after something so petty as uninhabited farm islands. The Conference was attended by Dimitri Borisovich "The Defender" Sokolov, the Prince of Pskov, Anton Fridrikhovich Ribakov, the head of the Pskov Imperial Company(colonial administration), ten other representatives from the Pskov Veche, and Thomas II Palaiologos, Emperor of the Roman Empire, Andronikos Komnenos, governor of Antillia, and ten other Roman diplomats, bringing the conference to about 24 official attendees.

Lead up to the Conflict

Beginning Discussions

Final Agreements


  1. Pskov will forever give up any claim to the island of OTL Puerto Rico, and recognize Rome's claim to it
  2. Rome will forever give up any claim to islands in the OTL Bahamas, and recognize Pskov's claim to it
  3. Both nations will recognize this map as the official claims of their respective nations in and around the Imperial Sea. Draft
  4. Other claims recognitions will be made ...
  5. The nations leaving here will part as friends, and allow trade between their colonies in and surrounding the Imperial Sea



Princely Standard of PskovDimitri Borisovich Solokov, Knyaz of Pskov
Pskov Imperial Co. FlagAnton Fridrikhovich Ribakov, President of the Pskov Imperial Company
Thomas II Palaiologos, Emperor and Autocrat of the Romans

Andronikos Komnenos, Apoikan of Antillia

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