The Conference of Alexandria was a major diplomatic meeting between representatives of the major powers of the Western World regarding potential claims and divisions of Africa, the last unclaimed habitable continent in the world. 

Because I have an interest in speeding up the colonization of Africa before WW1, I spoke to Sky and we made the following rules. Any war undertaken in Africa by a colonizing power for the purpose of colonizing a native state will not contribute to a recent war negative. However, if colonizers decide to engage in war against each other while expanding into Africa, they will get a concurrent war bonus, as an added incentive to not clash before WW1. So uhh, go out there and have fun. 


Here is where you post your claims, like so. 

Roman Empire

Claims Madagascar. 

Claims land north of Egypt's southern border and land east of Barbaria's (Roman OTL Libya) western border. 

The Caliphate

Claims Swahili states.

Claims inner Ethiopia and Somalia.

With the acquisition of French Eastern Africa, we claim the entire East African Coast.

Proposes to divide Ethiopia into spheres of influence with the Romans. The Romans getting Nubia in their sphere and the Caliphate getting Ethiopia proper.

Proposes that The Caliphate buys the island group of Socotra from the Romans. 

Presses Claims over French Eastern Africa, stating that it is historical Swahili land, who were much closer and friendly to Arabs historically.

We combat Pskov's claims, stating that they cannot possible exercise a proper rule over claimed lands.



Aragon henceforth lays claim to the lands of the Maghreb, south of the existing French colonies and east of the sovereign nation of Morocco.


Andea would like to enter the colonial race, but all of the African Coastal Territories are owned by some nation so it isn't possible to claim anything except the Zulu Nation.


The Union of Borealia would like to claim the Congo Region in West Central Africa.

United German Kingdoms

The UGK would like to continue its claims to the lands inland from its territories of Williamsburg (OTL Western Sahara and Mauritania coast), New Lüneburg (UTL Liberian coast), and Kamerun. The UGK would also like to put forward a claim to the lands of South Africa.

Indian Empire

Despite not being a Western power, Bengal recognizes the importance of the Conference and lays claim to the OTL islands of Seychelles, Mauritius, Tromelin and the Chagos Archipelago. 

In the map, they would represent three Dutch Islands East of Madagascar and a single French Island South of Socotra.

Grand Union (Pskov)

Claims great Zimbabwe and OTL Namibia and Angola and western Botswana and Zambia.

Well, and all associated islands, of course.

Reman Republic

Claims Wolof and former French Kongo.


Claims OTL Tanzania and the yet unconquered lands of Nigeria (i.e., excluding Dahomey).

Empire of Brazil

Claims all unclaimed islands of the Indian Ocean, including the OTL French Southern and Antarctic Lands, Réunion, and Mayotte, as well as the northeast section of the Zulu Empire and Great Zimbabwe. We'd also like to negotiate with the Caliphate for a small section of the East African Coast.


Here you may discuss any of the current or proposed claims. If you are excessively rude or do not have the power to enforce claims in Africa, you may be removed by the host. Carry on. "This is not your grave but you are welcome in it." 03:02, May 31, 2015 (UTC)

I don't think it's plausible for Borelia to claim a part of Africa, considering they are on the western coast and have no drect water connection to Africa. Saturn120 21:05, May 31, 2015 (UTC)

Borealia may be ejected for not realistically being able to reach Africa in order to sustain it. 

I already talked to Rimp about the Chagos, I guess that's been resolved. 

"This is not your grave but you are welcome in it." 21:51, May 31, 2015 (UTC)

I do not believe that the lack of Borealian access to the Atlantic should serve as a reason to prevent them from establishing colonies. They can easily utilize the Panama Canal to access the Atlantic. Surely, if we were to reject one simply because they did not have any access to the Atlantic then that leads to questions in regards to the following.

  • Croatia needs to go through various seas and straits to access Croatian Australia, hence it would be incorrect to stop Borealia merely because it lacks access to the Atlantic.
  • Pskov is another state that faces the same problems as Croatia, but that didn't stop Pskov from establishing African colonies.

Well, I've only two examples right now but you get the point. Borealia should be able to colonize. ♣There is no good or evil: only power and those too weak to seek it♣ 19:00, June 2, 2015 (UTC)

Well apparently, there is no Panama Canal. Regardless of that, Borealia should still have the right to colonize Congo, perhaps with Congo's outlet to the sea through the Indian Ocean. ♣There is no good or evil: only power and those too weak to seek it♣ 07:49, June 3, 2015 (UTC)

For the record, I'm going to open a NW passage in the next couple of years, so I will reach the Atlantic. ~~~~

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