Confederated States of the Rhine
Timeline: Venice-Italian Supremacy

OTL equivalent: Old Germany Empire
Alleged flag of the Rhine Confederation 1806-13 ConfederationCoA
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Confederation of the Rhine

Eidgenossen, anstatt segregierten
("Confederates, instead of segregated")

Anthem "United for glory!"
Official Capital and Largest city Frankfurt
Other cities Berlin (Real Capital)
Language German
  others Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox
Demonym German
Government Confederation of Independent Nations
  legislature Frankfurt United Parliament (Official)

Berlin Reichstag (Real)

Frankfurt Parliament Chief Friedrich (1806-1810)

Albert (1810-1820) Karl (1820-1850) Wilhelm (1850-1871)

  Party: United Confederated Party

Prussian Party Frankfurt Party

Confederation Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm I (1806-1840)

Friedrich Wilhelm II (1840-1861) Wilhelm I (1861-1871)

Established 1806
Annexation to German Empire
  date 1871
Currency Confederated Mark
The Confederation of the Rhine was an confederation in almost the whole area of the OTL German Empire. It major nation was the Prussian Kingdom, who created the German Empire, uniting all the nations. The Confederation was created by Napoleon, after he gain the support of all the German estates. The Confederation adopted several symbols of the old Holy Roman Empire, like the coat of arms, but since the Prussians joined the confederation and helped the French, Napoleon gave the Prussian king the title of Kaiser of the Confederation, since the new Kaiser of Austria was forced to abdicate of the title, by the Doge orders.