Confederation of Sovereign States
Official language English
Capital -
Head of State -
Establishment 1815
Currency -
Government Type Confederation of Constitutional Republics. Home Rule is the hallmark of the CSS.


As part of the treaty that ended the War of 1812, the USA agreed to end the importation and use of slaves. States that used slavery however refused to recognised the right of the federal government to regulate what they perceived as strictly an internal commercial matter of the states. The conflict escalated to the point that the slaves holding states seceded to form a confederation of their own and keep their way of life.

The plan however didn't work as expected. The new confederation found itself shut out of the european market as France, the UK and their allies refused to allow in any of their products or even recognised their sovereignty until they gave up slavery. The CSS eventualy agreed and the slaves were bought out by the government but due to economical factors the vast majority ended up entering into contracts with their former masters that made them little more then indentured workers.

Following a short war with the Federated Republic of America, it obtained the Missouri territory.


The army of the CSS is highly decentralised with each state forming it's own regiments and being responsible for their upkeeps. There is also a post of brigadier for each no matter own many regiments actualy in the state. Although there are certain guidelines that have been established over the years to be applied confederation wise, the quality of the troops tend to vary from state to state.

An overall command structure exist on paper to be used in term of conflict which consist of brigadier being given temporary general ranks based on senirority. At other times, there is only a skeleton crew to oversee the military of the confederation.

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