Confederation of Orbin Isles

Flag of the C.O.I.

The Confederation of Orbin Isles is a nation established on September 4, 1936, as the result of a peaceful unification of all the nations of the Manitoulin Archipelago in northern Lake Huron. Its first and most beloved leader was George Templin (1889-1979), who also helped found the worldwide movement of Templinite Marxism.


The C.O.I. was first established in 1926, after the nations of Wessex, Daawinaki and Lakemark united together as the Manitoulin Confederation. George Templin, leader of Wessex, was voted Premier of the M.C.

COI map full

Map of the Confederation.

Over the years, the other nations of Little Current, Mashkosi, Minising, Odaawa, and Temikahah joined the Confederation.

The last holdout, however, was Great Duck Island, which finally joined in 1936, but only on the conditions that the name be changed to remove the word "Manitoulin" and that each nation-become-province be allowed to keep their parliament and original shapes (the original plan was to redistribute the land in order to create more cohesive and contiguous provinces as well as to ensure that each province had at least one economically prosperous city or viable natural resource.

The country was re-established on September 4, 1936, as the Confederation of Orbin Isles, or C.O.I., and the neighboring American Drummond Island was purchased from the United States and ceded to Orb, bringing the total province count up to eleven.

Under Templin (1936-1945)

Premier Templin's regime saw much economic growth and prosperity, as the country was effectively transforming from a third-world to first-world nation. Templin also wrote numerous books on his ideas of Marxism, which were widely read. Eventually, as Europe, America and Canada alike saw the miraculous transformation of Orb from a backwater into an economic powerhouse, Templinite Marxist policies began to be implemented by those nations, as well.

Radical ideas such as racial integration, women's sufferage, gender-equal pay, legalization of homosexuality, and other such policies allowed once-oppressed minorities to shine, and the overall standard of living skyrocketed in Orb.

Templin would ultimately retire from his office in 1945.

Under Flogwood (1945-1965)

John Flogwood, former governor of Lakemark, was elected Premier by Parliament upon Templin's retirement. He largely continued Templin's policies, under which the nation experienced further growth.

Under Benson (1965-1990)

Edward Benson was named Premier after Flogwood's retirement in 1965.

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