Confederation of North America
Timeline: There will always be an America

OTL equivalent: United States, Canada, West Indies
Flag of Confederation of North America
Flag of the Confederation
North America 2010
Map of the Confederation

("God and My Right")

Anthem "America, Fair"
Capital Columbia
Largest city New York City
English (American)
  others French, Iroqouis, Inuit, Cherokee, other indigenous languages
Christianity (Protestant)*
  others Christianity (Catholic), Judaism, indigenous beliefs
Ethnic Groups
  others Scots-Irish, German, French, Italian, African, Native American, various other European ethnic groups
Demonym North American, American
Government Constitutional Monarchy
  legislature Parliament
[[List of Governor-Generals North America North America (There will always be an America)|Governor-General]] Barack Obama
  Queen of North America: Windsor
[[List of Prime Ministers North America North America (There will always be an America)|Prime Minister]] Nancy Pelosi
Population 34,464,100 (2010 estimate) 
Established July 4, 1776
Independence from Great Britain
  declared July 4,1776
  recognized July 4,1776
Currency American Pound
Calling Code 2
Internet TLD .cna
Organizations Commonwealth

Confédération de Amérique du Nord

The Confederation of North America is a dominion of the larger British Empire ruled by the simultaneous monarch of Great Britain . Founded as the result of the North America Self-Governance Act of 1774 , North America, or simply "America" , acts as an autonomous nation, with little or no consent of the British government .

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