The Confederation of Latin America (usually abbreviated as the CoLA) was a confederation of several Latin American nations. The confederation acted as a single national entity. It officially became defunct in mid-1911 with the ratification of the Treaty of Berlin.


The CLA has been recreated by Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Invited Guests are allowed to participate in the topics they were invited for.


Article 1: The relationship of our countries will become a centralized, organized and just government under the leadership of four people.

Article 2: We will have three branches of government: Executive, Judicial and Legislative

Article 3: The Executive Branch will be headed by four directors, elected from each state (country) and will become the face of the nation.

Article 4: The Judicial Branch will be identical to the US' Judicial system

Article 5: The Legislative Branch will be comprised of 100 elected representatives from each state (country) and has veto power.

Article 6: To make a decision as a nation, at least three Directors must be in agreement; The House of Representatives can overturn the decision if there is no support from the people.

Article 7: Each State will remain autonomous (you will still be able to make your turn), however, in terms of international decisions and other things, we will act as the NATION

Article 8: A state cannot secede from the Confederation unless ratified by the Directors UNANIMOUSLY (excluding the Director from the seceding state) NOTE: Secession must be for a just cause and cannot be taken lightly.


Discussion Board

Maya problems

Is it okay if I create a Maya protectorate (The Yucatan Republic) to stop the insecurity plaguing my country at this time? David Rain 16:37, May 18, 2012 (UTC)

Brazil: What country are you, it depends, and this area would have to join the CLA as a Junior Member and your country join as a member.

Mexico (whoops): OK.

Latin American Industrialization Fund (LAIF) Proposal

Brazil: Brazil has already sent money and advisors to help Mexico industrialize and train its military in modern tactics. Brazil asks for help in doing this, as well as establishing the Latin American Industrialization Fund (LAIF), to help newer members in the CLA industrialise so they can help should the CLA enter a major war.

Mexico: Thanks Brazil heartily for their aid and supports the idea. (exactly what milestones do I now have?)

Brazil: You now have all technology that Brazil has, and currently your industrialization is being paid 85% by Brazil, allowing you to deal with other issues as well. Mexico is also being given troops and naval vessels to keep its borders secure.

Mexico: Once again, we thank you.

Haitian Crisis

Brazil: What should be done about Haiti? The DR taking over the country is occurring as peacefully as possible, and I think we should support DR occupation of the nation in the promise that it will be allowed to join the DR as an equal, and that the DR will stop expanding, unless agreed upon by three out of five CLA members.

Mexico: They are pulling troops out of colonies, and we don't have the support of Britain anymore, so I would agree with your proposal. Our debt is high so it may be time to halt expansion and concentrate on internal stability and milestones. However we should see what the DR has to say. My final act of the 'war' will be the construction of the 'Martinez Line' on the US border if this is agreeable to everyone?

Ethiopian Question

Mexico: My own view is this. We should support Italy. Reasons for this are thus.

  1. Italy has an alliance with Spain
  2. Spain has invaded Morocco
  3. How is Spain invading Morocco different to the Dominican Republic invading Haiti?
  4. With European support Haiti will at least become de facto part of the Dominican Republic since no one in Europe wants a European war, with the possible exception of Luxembourg.
  5. Also, it helps curb French power in the region, and as France is pro-Haiti this can only be a good thing.

Brazil agrees with Mexico.

Argentina: Same.

Chile: Also agree.

Dominican Republic: Agreed.

Brazil: So, is the matter passed, if so, we should send troops to aid Spain in any way possible. Hopefully, Spain will return the favor by joining the United Powers Alliance along with Italy.

Moroccan Invasion

Mexico: For reasons explored above I believe we should support Spain.

Argentina: Are you sure? let's see who they are aligned with first and we'll see.

Venezuela: We have accepted Mexico's invitation for joining the CLA.

6 Point Peace Plan

Mexican Six Point Plan

  1. The Dominican Republic will immediately withdraw all troops from all islands in the Caribbean, with the exception of Hispaniola.
  2. Haiti will become a Dominion of the Dominican Republic, as it is in a state of anarchism.
  3. The CLA will halt all violent expansion, until 1915.0
  4. The UPA and The Opposition will work together to crush the Caribbean Peoples Army
  5. Italy and Ethiopia will let Eritreans vote (Random 50/50 unbiased Mod) on their future.
  6. The World will establish a League of Nations. (this would function exactly as the OTL LoN)

Please Sign if you agree to the above proposal. Also sign on Main Page!!!!!!!!!!

Mexico, David Rain

Brazil DeanSims 16:35, June 1, 2012 (UTC)

Invasion of the DR

Brazil: Brazil demands full military support for the DR, or at least send army and naval support.

Mexico: If next turn we act as one nation and (putting in only one turn) send our Entire Naval fleet to the blockade. At the same time DR launches everything. Not even dreadnoughts survive that. It is risky, but we need a miracle. Failing that we need to come up with a way of getting a good treaty. I think I would give up Yucatan. This is not as bad as it seems, because there are plenty of angry Maya rebels. ;)

Venezuela: Venezuela sends in military support to Brazil

Chile: Chilean Navy also is sent to fight.

Brazil: Brazil suggests that the Confederation of Latin America posts next turn, and sends its entire navy and 250,000 men to attack the invasion force. Brazil suggests we send 35,000 marines as well.

Mexico's Formal Resignation

  • Mexico: "Brothers, Sisters, I Come to the arms of the nation with only a broken heart. After Months of deliberation the State of Mexico has decided to formally Resign from CoLA. While I believe in a United Latin America, CoLA was doomed from the start. Members did not act as a unified voice, with some countries ignoring decisions and others not even participating in the decision making process. Furthermore in CoLA's first real test as a unit has failed catastrophically. No nation will take the name of CoLA seriously now and nor should they. We have only ourselves to blame. Of ourse Europe would stand United against any threat to their superiority, no matter how small or far away. Why did we expect less? One rule for those in charge, another for the former slaves. Any organisation that is not a puppet of Europe will never stand. It is my sad duty to inform you of this, perhaps the only way to end. Divided we stand, United we Fall."
  • Considering I wrote the constitution for the CoLA and the fact that it hasn't changed, I have to intercede. Your country is in a state of civil war. Your country is still in the Confederation until it a motion of secession has been approved unanimously by the other Directors, meaning that you cannot resign. However since this is an emergency, the government can declare a state of emergency and give special powers to the Reps which allow them to expatriate you as a country. Either that or they can declare support for the pro-CoLA faction. I'm just pointing this out because resignation is illegal under Article 8 of the CoLA constitution.AP
  • The state of Mexico is declaring its independence from CoLA. If you wish to keep Mexico support the Pro-CoLA fraction. In effect this is a government run coup. (If enough support is given then the government will be overthrown and status quo restored.) David Rain (Sometimes...)
  • Venezuela: Since Venezuela s such a small country by itself, we will continue to to stay in CoLA, despite our ally Mexico is resigning.

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