The Articles of Confederation

Continental Congress ratifies the Articles of Confederation on March 1st 1781. They do not replace the Articles with the US Constitution, but instead keep it. Ben Franklin becomes the first president and Samuel Adams as Vice President. He passed many reforms including the Respect Act which banned slavery.

Rise of liberty in France

A Republican revolution started in France due to the lack of basic needs. People took over the Government controlled farms and Factory declare them as property of business of the people and stormed the Bastille. Army General Napoleon brought his men to overthrow the Government. A Republic was installed and Napoleon became its first President and made a French version of the Articles of Confederation

War of 1812

British Parliament thought America might join France side in the Napoleon wars because of France's success in the war. British Navy blockaded the American coast line and attacked Boston. America managed to fight the British off and started to invade Canada with French support. America managed to capture of last Canadian city officially ending the War of 1812. America exchanged Quebec and the Bahamas for Louisiana.

Treaty of Warsaw 

After the success of the Battle of Dublin, Britain, Russia and Austria signed a Treaty the Warsaw. The countries recognize France's border on the Rhine, Recognizes the Confederation of Rhine, Italy and Liberia, France gains British colonies in Africa and South America and all South America colonies belonging to Spain and Portugal must be freed and borders must be approve by Napoleon.

Era of Independence 

After the treaty was signed, lots of civil unrest started across Russia, Ottoman Empire, Austria and Prussia. Republican rebels took over Berlin and allowed the Confederation of Rhine to annex Prussia. Hungarian Monarchist rebels took over all of Hungary declaring the Monarchy of Magyar and Polish and Yiddish Rebels took over Galicia. The Yiddish made Monarchy based Yiddish state while the Polish in both Austria and Russia declared the Polish-Lithuanian Republic. Finlandish Rebels took the most of current day Finland Before the Russians could stop it, Napoleon stepped in to defend the countries. Russia backed down. Greeks and Slavs kick the Ottomans out of Europe with Heavy French support and some Russian support. Last country to declare independence in this era was Venice.

Mexo-American War

After Mexico killed 2000 men, women and children in the Houston Massacre, America's response was invade Mexico's main ports. 50,000 American troops  a were sent to capture the south west, while 55,000 French troops were sent to capture the Capital. After 16 months, Mexico City fell .America got all of the the south west, west coast and current day border provinces. The Dictator Santa Anna was overthrown three months later

End of Aristocrats

Great War

World War 2

World peace 

World of Perpetual Union 

Below are the current political borders as of December 25th 2013

Note: Map could change over time.

MapOfTheWorld2013Edited(ConfederationandPerpetual Union)

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