Confederated States
1857 – 1860
The Southern Star Flag; a common symbol of the Confederated States
American Civil War Map (Rough and Ready)
The Confederated States in red
Capital Montgomery;
Baton Rouge
Largest City New Orleans
Official language American English
Demonym Southerner
Government Confederation (Alliance of States)
Population 6,163,037
- Alabama Succession
- Surrender of Georgia

March 5th, 1857

February 2nd, 1860

Currency State Currencies
Preceded by US flag 33 stars United States of America
Succeeded by US flag 33 stars United States of America

The Confederated States, or C.S, (March 5, 1857 - February 2, 1860) is a term often used by historians to describe the alliance of US states that succeed the United States during the Spring of 1857, and fought against the USA during the American Civil War.

Whilst it could be considered one nation, it is often not, as the states within the Confederacy were almost completely autonomous, and were led by their own governing bodies, and fought with their own national military. However, a common emblem found throughout the Confederacy during the American Civil War was the Southern Star Flag, the unofficial banner of the C.S, which closely resembled the flag of the Republic of West Florida.


The Confederated States is officially believed to have established following the succession of Alabama from the Union one day after the inauguration of President Winfield Scott. The secessionist in Alabama choose this date due to the fact that the previous President, Zachary Taylor, was an ardent unionist and highly respected by many southerners and militarists, and would most likely crack down hard on the southern states.

Winfield Scott however, was barely respected, nor voted for, in the slave states, despite hailing from Virginia, and was barely elected in the 1856 Election. His election to the Presidency had feared many in both the north, and south, as they both believed he would cause civil war, and cause infighting in the republic. Their fears came true on March 5th, when the pro-slave legislature of the state voted to succeed from the union. Following Alabama's succession, 7 more states left the union and informally formed a military alliance. States in order of succession;

  1. Alabama - March 5th, 1857
  2. Louisiana - March 9th, 1857
  3. Mississippi - March 16th, 1857
  4. Florida - March 22nd, 1857
  5. Georgia - March 24th, 1857
  6. South Carolina - April 3rd, 1857
  7. Tennessee - April 4th, 1857
  8. North Carolina - April 7th, 1857

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