Confederated Republic of Svensland
Svenslands Konfederade Republik
Timeline: World of Lesnaya
Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Yng Swedish
  others Finnish, Kickapoo, Meskvaki, American English, Polish
Head of State King of Sweden
Chief of Government President
Area 3, 141, 684 km²
Population 37, 433, 000 
Independence from United States of America
  declared 17 October 1808
Currency Svensland daler

A republic descended from a Swedish colony in North America's Great Lakes region, with a government modeled on the United States. The Confederated Republic of Svensland (CRS) is unique among North American nations in its history of peaceful collaboration with the Native American population. The Kickapoo and Meskvaki tribes, particularly, have been integrated into the Republic: not only is there a state named after each of these tribes, but their languages (for which Swedish and Finnish settlers had developed writing systems early in the 1730's) are the official languages of administration in those states. The CRS has been a political (and, sometimes, military) champion of the Native Americans throughout its existence.


Like the United States of America, Svensland consists of multiple small states. These states are not derived from individual colonies, as the states of the USA are, but were created upon formation of the republic for administrative convenience and preservation of separate cultural groups.

StateCapitalYear enteredLanguageOTL
Nymark Yngstad 1808 Swedish Ohio
Svormark Finnsborg 1808 Finnish Lower Peninsula of Michigan
Wabash Metjakappe 1808 Swedish Indiana
Kickapaven Melvokje 1808 Kickapoo Illinois, Milwaukee area
Meskvaken Askipaknepi 1808 Meskwaki Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Minnesota east of the Mississippi
Wendaten Taronto 1821 Swedish Southern Ontario
Skanadareå Gripensbo 1825 Swedish Ontario, except for Wendaten
Winnipeg Winnipegstad 1827 Swedish Southern 2/3’s of Manitoba, small pieces of Saskatchewan and Ontario
Skogland Sykomor 18?? Swedish most of Minnesota
Iowa ??? 18?? Swedish Iowa
Dakota Tatanka 18?? Swedish Dakotas east of the Missouri River
Nordmissouri ??? 18?? Swedish Missouri north of the Missouri River
Sydnymark Svanby 18?? Swedish Illinois south and east of the Kaskaskia River (breakaway from Kickapoa)

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