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 Vice president Alexander Stephens hires a group of assassins who to this day are unknown, to kill everybody in Jefferson Davis's cabinet and Jefferson himself.

 One dark and stormy night in Richmond, Virginia president Jefferson Davis and his cabinet are up working on an plan to defeat the Union when suddenly the door is thrown open, and before they can react, they're all gunned down and killed. By the time anybody can call for help, the killers escape into the unknown forever lost to history. After this tragic event, newly signed president Alexander Stephens writes up a request for a meeting with United States President Abraham Lincoln to discuss how to stop this war. Lincoln accepts and heads to Canada to meet with Stephens to persuade him to end the Confederate States of America and to join back the Union and unite America once again and he accepts. But the problem is how does he tell his people that the Confederacy is forever over without starting a riot.

 Lincoln says he will have his Gen. Grant and his march on Richmond and announce that the Confederacy is no more. Stephens accepts and on January 31st, 1865 the Confederacy came to an end.

 The world is a little different in this timeline, the American Civil War, World War 1, or Civil World War (what ever you want to call it) is shorter, Britain becomes a democracy, Russia gets part of America (Until 1900), and America is world renowned way earlier than in OTL. 

End of timeline

To see a list of US presidents for this specific timeline see List of US presidents (Confederate wipe out CYOAH)

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