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Confederate War of Independence
The Battle of Gettysburg in 1863; marking the turning point of the war.
Date April 12, 1861 – December 15, 1864
Location North America, Atlantic Ocean
Result Decisive Confederate victory
US flag 36 stars United States Flag of the Confederate States of America (1861-1863) Confederate States
Supported by:
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom (naval support)
Flag of France France
Commanders and leaders
US flag 36 stars Abraham Lincoln Flag of the Confederate States of America (1861-1863) Jefferson Davis

The Confederate War of Independence was an armed conflict fought between the United States (Union) and the Confederate States (Confederacy) between 1861 and 1864 over the independence of the former American south. After several southern slave states seceded from the U.S., the Confederate States of America was formed out of the individual republics of those states.