Confederate Union of the Americas
Timeline: A House Divided but Strong

OTL equivalent: Confederate States of America
Flag Confederate Union]]
Flag of the Confederate Union.

(""With God our Vindicator")

Anthem "God save the South"
Capital Richmond, Virginia
Largest city New Orleans, Louisiana
Other cities Richmond, Virginia,
  others Spanish, French
Confederate National Church of Christ
  others Judaism, Islam, Hinduism
Ethnic Groups
White European
  others , Black African, Hispanic
Demonym Dixian, Mooks
Government Confederacy
  legislature Confederate Congress
President of the Confederacy George W. Bush
General-Secretary of the Governor Council Jason Davidson
Area 893,939 sq mi
Established February 8, 1861
Independence from United States
  declared December 20, 1860 (South Carolina Secedes)
  recognized August 5th, 1961
Currency Confederate Dollar
Time Zone Eastern American, Central American
Calling Code +2
Internet TLD <.CUA
Organizations Union of Confederal States, Democratic League, Anti-Comitern

The Confederate Union of the Americas, known as the Confederate Union, is the name of the Confederate States of America following The Confederate Civil War and subsequent reformation of the government structure. It is, as its name implies, a Confederacy of States.

Relationship with the United States

The Confederate States, since the joint US-CSA Conference at Washington D.C in 1862 have had a strong and mutually beneficial alliance.

Internal Organization

At the most outer level, exists the national government of the confederacy.

  • Confederate National Government in Richmond, Virginia (One President)
    • Supreme Governors Council based in Montgomery Alabama. (Five Supreme Governors)
      • Governorship of Virginia
      • Governorship of The Caribbean
      • Governorship of The West
      • Governorship of the Mississippi
      • Governorship of The Carolinas
        • State Governments (Thirteen States)
          • Texas
          • Virginia
          • Florida
          • Greater Hisapnia
          • Louisiana
          • Arkansas
          • Alabama
          • Mississippi
          • Tennessee
          • Georgia
          • South Carolina
          • North Carolina
          • Kentucky





Entertainment and Mass Media


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