Confederate States presidential election, 1879
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→ 1885

  Untitled-3 John C. Brown
Nominee G. T. Beauregard John C. Brown
Party National League Reform League
Home state Louisiana Tennessee
Running mate Custis Lee Francis T. Nicholls

The Confederate States presidential election of 1879 was the fourth election held for President of the Confederate States. It was the first presidential election in which both nominees were endorsed by formal political organisations.

The winner of the election was G. T. Beauregard of Louisiana, who ran as a member of the National League with Custis Lee of Virginia as his running mate. His sole opponent was John C. Brown of Tennessee, who ran as a member of the newly formed Reform League with Francis T. Nicholls of Louisiana as his running mate. Beauregard won all but three states (Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas).

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