Mississippia Flag

Flag of the Mississippian Confederation

The Mississippian Confederation was made up of nine co-equal tribal states, called confederate states. This page is about the nine Confederate States of Mississippia as they existed at the collapse of the Mississippian Confederation, as a result of the Catastrophe of 1583.

History of Confederation

The concept of the Confederation between the different parts of the Cahokian Empire had been considered by many as a long-term goal of Great Alligator, who wished to unite all of the parts of the Mississippian culture under one banner.

The actual feasibility of the confederation was always in doubt, as larger nations such as Cahokia and Moundville tended to have greater say in the politics of the area. When Cahokia became the ruler of Moundville, the possibility increased greatly, and Rektaw the Proud considered the idea's possibility once a common culture was built up.

After Rektaw, who was from Moundville, died, his descendents disregarded the idea and supported Cahokian dominance. This continued with the death of Diwali the Lame and the coronation of Antinanco the Restorer, who saw the creation of the Cahokian Empire.

The coronation of Christophe the Christian in 1558 saw the transition from a Cahokian-led government to a government made up of the confederate states.

After the first four confederate states were admitted, the 1560's saw the admission of two new states: Odawa and Santee. 1574's purchase of Aksimiki brought the count to seven, and the creation of Natchez and Erie led to nine total confederate states.

Table of States

# Flag Name Admission




(sq km)


1 Flag of Cahokia State Cahokia 1558 1,735,159 566,050
2 Flag of Moundville Moundville 1558 1,236,488 258,950
3 Flag of Etowah Etowah 1558 1,564,273 169,650
4 Flag of Parkin Parkin 1558 1,240,048 175,400
5 Flag of Odawa Odawa 1560 631,662 188,550
6 Flag of Santee Santee 1568 545,289 458,750
7 Flag of Aksimiki Aksimiki 1574 512,504 161,600
8 Flag of Erie Erie 1579 967,407 297,250
9 Flag of Natchez Natchez 1579 896,231 108,950


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