Confederate States of America
Annexed by United States
US flag 34 stars.svg
1861–1945 US flag 36 stars.svg
Flag of Texas.svg
Flag of the Confederate States (15 stars).svg Seal of the Confederate States of America.svg
Flag Coat of arms
Location of the Confederate States (1914) (Victory at Gettysburg).png
The CSA at it's greatest extent prior to World War I
Capital Richmond
Official language English
Religion Protestant
Government Confederal republic (1861-1868)
Federal presidential constitutional republic
Authoritarian Restorationist dictatorship (1932-1945)
 - 1861-1867 Jefferson Davis
 - 1926-1945 Harry Byrd
Vice President
 - 1861-1868 Alexander H. Stephens
 - 1926-1945 William Simmons
 - Confederacy formed February 4, 1861
 - Official surrender to the United States April 15, 1945
Currency Confederate Dollar

The Confederate States of America, commonly referred to as the Confederate States, was a nation that existed in North America between 1861 to 1945. Originally a part of the United States, the Confederacy came into formation in 1861 after several southern states declared their independence from the Union, beginning with South Carolina in 1860. On April 12, 1861, a conflict erupted between the Confederates and Americans at Fort Sumter, beginning the Confederate War of Independence. Three years of bloody and vicious fighting saw to the full independence of the Confederate States after the United Kingdom delivered an ultimatum to President Abraham Lincoln, demanding that the Union must surrender or face British intervention.

With diplomatic recognition from the British and later the French, the Confederacy soon went through the process of reconstruction with the help of it's allies. Millions of dollars of damages were caused by the American attacks, leaving the new nation in economic depression. The British, however, helped rebuild the Confederacy and expanded the amount of manufacturing and industrial factories in the nation. By 1870, the Confederate States was back in shape.