The Kentucky Republic was formed in 1860 as a result of the unstablity in the USA.

Facts and Stability

Population: 5,068,203

Allies: Illionis, Virgina, Transmissippi.

Trade Partners: Illionis, Virgina.

Military (Percentage)

  • 4% (202,728)

Stability (Nation Algorithm)

  • Urbanization (in past 2 years): +150
  • 'Resources : '+75
  • Technology: +375
  • Territory: 5
  • Alliances: 10
  • Supplies: 10
  • Infrastructure: +50
  • Total: 675


The CSA Government is mostly like OTL CSA.


In 1861, Kentucky officaly secceded from the Union. After that, the State Government in the Union acted as the Provisional government until elections could be held. Three months later, the Kentucky Troop Force was created. A few months later, the KTF would be put to the test and fight the US army in Tennessee. After the US fell apart, the rest of Tennessee was annexed into Kentucky, Soon, after a war with West Virginia, it gained more land. Then, Kentucky doubled it's land by forming the CSA with another nation. However, after losing a war with Louisana and Texas, it gave up some land to create Transmississippi. However, it surprisingly has good relations with this nation considering how it was made.

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