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Confederate States of America (One Nation, Under God)

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Confederate States of America
Timeline: One Nation, Under God

OTL equivalent: Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida
CSA 5 Stars No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Deo Vindice (Latin)
("With God our Vindicator")

Capital Montgomery
Largest city Atlanta
Language English, Irish, German
  others Judaism
Ethnic Groups
Anglo Confederate
  others African Confederate, Irish Confederate, German Confederate
Demonym Confederate
Government Federal Constitutional Oligarchy
Independence from The United States of America
  declared 1860
  recognized 1863
Currency Confederate States Dollar

The Confederate States of America is a federal constitutional oligarchy that declared its independence from the United States in 1860. It is situated in the southern region of North America. Originally encompassing eleven states, it splintered into several republics and left only four of the original states loyal to the government. The capital of the Confederate States is in Montgomery, and its largest city is Atlanta.

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