The Confederate States of America, commonly known as the CSA, is a confederation of republics in North America. It declared itself independent on 4 March 1861, and after fighting a war against the United States of America, with help from British, German and Swedish forces, it was recognized by the US government as an independent nation 1 May 1864.

Originally, the CSA consisted of South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas, soon joined (on 12 April 1861) by Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina.

However, since then, Florida has become an independent Kingdom (1885), Georgia has become the independent People's Republic of Georgia (1892), Texas has become the independent Republic of Texas (1899), and Arkansas has become the independent Socialist Republic of Arkansas (1920), thus, today the CSA consists of the following republics: South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina, and there has been talk in North and South Carolina about seceding, forming the Kingdom of Carolina. The issue has yet to be resolved, but the CSA constitution explicitly states every republic's inalienable right to secede "at any time and for any reason".

Capital of the CSA is Danville, Virginia.

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