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Confederate States of America
Flag of the Confederate States of America (1861-1863).svg Seal of the Confederate States of America.svg
Flag Coat of arms
Deo vindice
"Under God, our vindicator"
Capital Montgomery (until 27 June 1861)
Richmond (after 27 June 1861)
Official language English
Religion None (majority Protestant)
Government Federal/confederal presidential non-partisan republic
 - 1861–1864 Jefferson F. Davis
 - 1864 Alexander Stephens
Legislature Confederate Congress
 - Upper house Senate
 - Lower house House of Representatives
 - Election of 1860 1861
 - Election of 1860 November 1860
 - Battle of Broad Street 18 May 1861
 - Battle of Marion 7 August 1863
 - Battle of Fredericksburg 26 October 1863
 - Disestablished 1864
Currency Confederate Dollar

The Confederate States of America was a loosely-bound confederation of states that seceded from the United States in late 1860 and early 1861, in the aftermath of President John C. Frémont's re-election. The Confederacy was founded on fears of the South's aristocratic elite, and the poor whites there, and the potential for Frémont to enforce anti-slavery legislation that they feared was going to be introduced to the Congress; and, at the same time, to stamp out Southern culture and forge a new imperialistic and tyrannical government based out of Washington that would supersede the powers and responsibilities of the various states. The Confederacy fought the Union (or "North", the Federal government) in the American Civil War, and the war was brought to a conclusion with the collapse and dissolution of the Confederate government after the surrender of Richmond in February 1864.

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