Confederate States of America
Confederate States
Timeline: Mexican Empire
Csa No coa
(and largest city)
Language English
President Marshall Clement "Mark" Sanford Jr. (C)
Population 115,000,000 
Established 1861
Currency CS Dollar

Confederate States of America is a nation located in North America.


The Confederacy is a democratic federal republic composed of 12 states. The legislative branch of the Confederate government is the Congress of the Confederate States which consists of a Senate (two senators from each state elected for a 6-year term) and a House of Representatives (elected based on population for 2-year terms). The head of state and government is the President, elected to a 6-year term (non-renewable). The judical branch consists of a Confederate States Supreme Court (7 justices who serve for life).

Political Parties

  • Democratic Party- The party in power from 1994 to 2006. The party abolished discriminatory apartheid and introduced far-reaching reforms.
  • Conservative Pary- This party is the conservative successor the Whig party. The Conservatives partly supported discriminatory apartheid measures regained power in 2006.
  • National Confederate Party- A ultra-right party formed in 2001 following the end of apartheid, this party led by Senator George Allen of Virginia campaigns for the re-establishment of apartheid measures.

Latest Election, 2005

Candidate Party Popular vote Electoral vote Running mate
Marshall Clement "Mark" Sanford Jr. Conservative 22,750,452 (47.0%) 71 George Ervin "Sonny" Perdue III
Albert Arnold Gore Jr. Democrat 20,608,069 (43.9%) 49 Mark Robert Warner
George Felix Allen National Confederate 4,196,580 (8.8%) 0 Robert Renfroe "Bob" Riley
Others 159,933 (0.3%) 0

Administrative Divisions

State Capital
Alabama Montgomery
Arkansas Little Rock
Delaware Dover
Georgia Atlanta
Kentucky Frankfort
Maryland Baltimore
Mississippi Jackson
Missouri Jefferson City
North Carolina Raleigh
South Carolina Columbia
Tennessee Nashville
Virginia Richmond

External Links

Constitution of the Confederate States

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