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Confederate States of America
US flag 35 stars.svg
1861–1944 Merchant Flag of Germany (1946-1949).svg
Flag of the Confederate States (15 stars).svg Bonparte CSA COA Prop 1 (KOA).png
Flag Coat of arms
Capital Richmond
Official language English
Religion Protestantism
Government Federal presidential constitutional monarchy (1862–1917)
Federal presidential constitutional republic (1917–44)
 - 1862-1891 Charles I
 - 1891-1917 Charles II
 - 1861-1868 Jefferson Davis
 - 1933-1944 Sam Rayburn
 - Formation of the Confederacy February 4, 1861
 - Surrender and occupation June 6, 1944
Currency Confederate States dollar
Today part of Flag of the USA with 67 stars by BF1395 United States