Confederate States of America
Timeline: Civil War Stalemate

OTL equivalent: Confederate States of America, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexican States of
CSA Flag 2.7.1861-28.11.1861 Seal of the Confederate States of America
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of North America (Civil War Stalemate)
Nation in Red

Irtute, Libertate atque Independentia (English)
("Virtue, Liberty and Independence")

Anthem "Dixie"
Capital Atlanta
Largest city New Orleans
Other cities Houston, Nashville, Richmond, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Tijuana, Miami
  others Spanish
  others Roman Catholic, Methodist, other Christian denominations
Ethnic Groups
  others African-American, Asian, Hispanic
Demonym Confederate
President Bill Clinton
Vice President George W. Bush
Population 144,132,434 (2015 est.)
Independence February 4, 1861
Currency Confederate Dollar

The Confederate States of America is a nation in the south-central portion of North America. It is bordered to the north by the United States of America, to the south, Mexico, and Hispania. The Confederate States of America were formed at the end of the American Civil War, in 1864, and were recognized as a nation by the United States, per the treaty. The nation gained recognition from the British and the French not long after. In the 1890's, the nation went to war with Mexico over Mexican revolutionaries attacking Confederate shipping. They expanded their territory to the northernmost Mexican States, and purchased Cuba and Puerto Rico from Spain.

They were on the winning side of World War I, and fought alongside the United States in World War II, as well as allying with the USA during the Cold War. Slavery was ended at the completion of World War I, although there is still much tension between the white ruling class and minority groups.

Today, the nation is a relatively powerful country, participating in the League of Nations, the Trans-Atlantic Defense Organization, the Group of 9, and a variety of other international organizations.



The Confederate government operates very similarly to the way it was at the foundation. There are areas where state government supersede federal authority. The seat of the federal government is Atlanta, District of Lee. All branches of the government have the main offices in the city, although many offices have branches throughout the nation. The capital was relocated from Richmond, due to the Confederate evacuation, and a post-war general agreement that a capital that close to a potential enemy was dangerous.

Executive Branch

The Confederate States of America's executive branch is made up of the President of the Confederate States, as well as the cabinet officials. The President has a role similar to that of the President of the United States, although he has no control over the State Militias, he is Commander-in-Chief of the Confederate States Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is made up of the Confederate Senate, and the Confederate House of Representatives. The Senate is the upper branch, and the House is the lower branch. They are responsible for all laws passed in the nation, as well as declaration of war, passing a budget, foreign relations, and acting as an intermediary for state governments to make agreements.

The Confederate Senate has two members per state, with a total of forty-four Senators.

The Confederate House of Representatives has one member for every 250,000 citizens by state. There are currently 283 representatives in the nation. (The Indian Territory, with a population of 2,483,851; all Native Americans, receives no representation in either branch)

Judicial Branch


According to the revised Constitution of 1981, all people are given equal rights, although this is not enforced. It is common for voting officials to prevent the non-white population from voting, although the League of Nations and the United States have been pressing the nation to ensure this does not occur.


Predominantly, the Confederate States are dominated by whites and blacks. Today, 51.8% of Confederates are White of European descent, 39% are of African or Caribbean descent, 5.5% are of Spanish or Mexican descent, 2% are of Asian descent, and 1.7% of the population is Native American.

As in the Confederacy of old, the predominant population is white. They also fill almost all the seats in the Confederate Congress, government seats, and leadership positions in the military.

Most of the Mexican and Spanish population in the former Mexican states as well as Cuba and Puerto Rico were deported back to Mexico or Spain in the early 1910's.

There is a small Asian population in the West and cities. Most of this population originates from the workers brought from China and Korea to help build the Transcontinental Railroad across the Deep South after the end of the war.

The entire Native American population was moved to the Indian Territory after the war, and have reservations there. The tribal governments are given complete control, and are directly responsible to the federal government.

Largest Cities

The Confederate States is primarily an agricultural nation, although there are several large cities throughout the country. The largest city is New Orleans, Louisiana.

City Nation 2015 Image
New OrleansLouisiana1,835,124
New Orleans
TijuanaBaja California1,643,942
CharlestonSouth Carolina759,753
AtlantaDistrict of Lee741,319
Houston, TX


Even today, the South is quite agrarian, although there is a robust manufacturing sector around the cities. 35% of the Southern economy originates from the sale of cotton and textiles as well as agricultural goods. There is a rising technology sector around Atlanta, Houston, and Nashville.


Much of the Southern agriculture production revolves around cotton and foodstuff.

Confederate cotton is some of the best in the world, and is used in many goods around the world. Most of the cotton is converted to fabric in the South, and then shipped to nations such as the United States, Britain, China, and Brazil.

The Confederacy is able to grow most of the food for the population. There is a variety of crops grown, from peanuts, to corn, to rice, squash, beans, leafy greens, and other foods. There is also a robust cattle market in Texas and Confederate Arizona.


Much of the Confederate manufacturing is located around Atlanta, DL; Charleston, SC; Miami, FL; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; New Orleans, LA; Havana, CU; Tijuana, BC; and Laredo, TS. There is a variety of heavy and light manufacturing in the region.

Martin Marietta manufactures military and aviation equipment for the CSA as well as member states of the TADO alliance. They have created one of the most successful cargo planes, the C-130, as well as the F-4 Fighting Falcon, the F-12 Raptor, and the F-13 Lighting fighter planes. They also manufacture most of the ships for the Confederate Navy and State Naval Militias. They are based in Atlanta, with major facilities in Charleston, Hampton Roads, and Houston. There is also a major research facility in Tijuana.

Richmond Automotive is a car manufacturer based in Richmond, VA. They are a descendent of Richmond Locomotive Works, and are the primary manufacturer of motor vehicles in the Confederate States. They manufacture automobiles, trucks, earthmoving machinery, military vehicles, and vehicles for mass transit. They have facilities in Rome, GA; Dallas, TX; and Phoenix, AZ.


The hub of technology in the Confederate States is in Tijuana, BC. There are over fifty registered companies in the city, and more in the region around the city. Scientists from the CSA aided the United States in developing the internet as a joint project during the Cold War as well as the development of stealth technology. There is internet access in the major cities around the nation, but there is limited access outside of these regions.


The primary trade partner of the Confederate States is the United States. This is due to the long border shared with the nation, as well as a common heritage, and alliances. Other major trade partners include France, Brazil, the Korean Empire, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

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