The Confederate States of America, is a country (or union of states) in central North America. The Confederacy borders four other countries: Florida to the south, Mexico to the southwest, California to the northwest, and the United States to the north. To the east, is the Atlantic Ocean.

Native Americans with Asian origin have occupied what is now the CSA undisturbed until 1492 and contact with Europeans. Wars and disease greatly reduced the Native American population, and the survivors were forced to live on reservations. Great Britain established 13 colonies on the Eastern Seaboard, and the colonial civilians would rebel in the 1760s, 1770s and 1780s in a process known as the American Revolution. During this era the United States was established. Disputes between the agrarian South (modern-day CSA) and industrial North (modern-day USA) over issues of slavery and states rights led to the Confederate Independence War, as Southern states broke away from the northern-led US in protest. By 1865, the Southern states were recognized as independent, and modern Confederate history begins.

The Confederacy became a major power in the region, intervening in the first three North American wars to secure her interests in North America. In 1945, after World War II, the Confederacy became a satellite state of the United States. The CSA was part of the North American Bloc until 1989, when the international American Party allowed multi-party elections and the Confederacy undertook a transition to parliamentary democracy and modern free-market capitalism (labor guilds allowed, slavery outlawed, due to government-owned all slaves after ungreat depression of 1929 due to economics).

The Confederacy functions as a parliamentary democracy within a unitary constitutional republic. It is a member of the Trans-Atlantic Union, AUSP, the Axis Pact, and the World Trade Organization, and has a high human development index of .840, ranking 61st in the world as of 2009.



Deo Vindice

"With God our Vindicator"




Richmond, Virginia


None (de jure)

English (de facto)



  • George W. Bush (President)
  • Jebediah Bush (Vice President)


Confederate Congress (representation by population)


  • Confederacy Formed, February 8th, 1861
  • Independence from the United States, April 12th, 1861
  • Victory in the Confederate War of Independence, May 5th, 1865
  • Government established, June 16th, 1869


  • 7,528,103 (2009 estimate)
  • 7,932,984 (2001 census)
  • 168.2/sq mi (density)


Nominal GDP

  • $47.102 billion (total)
  • $2,223 (per capita)

2003 Gini

29.2 (low)

2009 HDI

.840 (high)


Stonewall of the Confederate States (SCS)

Other Info

Time Zones

  • Eastern Time Zone
  • Central Time Zone

Drives on the...

Right side of the road

Internet TLD


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