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Confederate States of America
Timeline: American Moral Peace

OTL equivalent: the Southern United States, Mexico (excluding Baja Califonia)
Mississippi 2001 flag proposal Seal of the Confederate States of America
Flag Seal
AMP Map of the Confederate States of America VII
Location of the Confederate States

Deo Vindice (Latin)
("With God, our Vindicator")

Anthem "Dixie"
Capital Richmond
Largest city Mexico City
Other cities Atlanta, Dallas, Little Rock, Jacksonville, Houston, Memphis, Monterrey, Montgomery, New Orleans, Phoenix, St. Louis,Honolulu
English (de facto)
  others French, Spanish, indigenous languages
  others Catholicism, Islam, indigenous religions
Demonym Southern American
Government Unitary confederate full-presidential republic
  legislature Congress
President Rick Scott
Vice President Robert J. Bentley
Area 1,408,260 sq mi
Population 153,212,935 (2000 census)
Independence from the United States
  declared February 8, 1859
  recognized May 4, 1867
Currency Dollar ($) (CSD)
Time Zone (UTC-4 to -7)
  summer (UTC-3 to -6)
Calling Code +1
Internet TLD .cs
Organizations United Nations, NATO

Confederate States of America or Confederate States (C.S.), the Confederacy is a sovereign nation located in the lower southeastern part of North America. Confederate States has shared it border with the United States and Guatemala and Belize. Also the Confederate States has a oversea state of Southern Hawaii as the share of the Northern Hawaii, who was claimed by the United States.

During its first creation in 1856, the Confederacy has seven states and then 13 states. However, during the revolution of the Confederacy in South American Civil War, for existence of the Socialist Confederation, the Confederacy has to gave the United States the State of Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri.

During Spanish flu in Mexico and later the CSSA,, the Confederacy itself has extended the territories of Mexico and Cuba. However, after the dissolution of the Socialist Confederacy, due to the end of the Spanish flu Cuba has secretly declared its independence from the Confederacy, which is the Confederate Government has accepted its declare.

Confederate States is only the nation who was able to declare its own independence from the United States in 1865 after a 7-years war and then exist until in 1917 when the revolution took place when the Confederacy has not abolished the slavery and then oppress the people for a long time. Revolutionary Forces, who was formed by a group of slave rebels, were able to execute the President and Vice President of the Confederate States in 1919;and the Spanish Flu: the Confederacy was de-established and replace with the Revolutionary Provisional Government of the Confederacy before its completion of transition to transform the Confederacy into a Federal Socialist States or to be called as Socialist Confederate or its full name as Confederate Socialist States of America before its dissolutionafter the Spanish flu claimed its last victim in 1926.

However after the dissolution of Socialist Confederate on july 4,1926 the Confederacy is now has more strength in relationship between the United States, making the country itself to be more democratic and free,and healthier with the new constitution in 1987 for its fair and rights of the people of the Confederacy.

According to the Constitution of the Confederacy, the Confederacy itself has a democratic government in the form of the Confederation, which has a president as the head of state and the vice president as the head of the Central Government. The current President of the Confederate States is Rick Scott

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