The Confederate States of America

    • Motto: Laboro via amicitia (Work through Friendship)
    • National Anthem: When Johnnie Comes Marching Home (unofficial) The Bonnie Blue Flag (official)
    • Capital: Montgomery, Alabama (Feb. 4, 1861 - May 29, 1861) Richmond, Virginia (May 29, 1861 - Apr. 1, 1865)Austin, Texas (Apr. 1, 1865 - present)
    • Cities
      • - Financial Centre: Washington City, Virginia
      • - Largest: Austin, Texas, El Paso, Texas, Charlotte, NOrth Carolina, Arlington, Texas, Baltimore, Maryland
      • - Industrial Centres: New Orleans, Louisiana, Tampa, Florida, Miami, Florida, Norfolk, Virginia, Tucson, Arizona, Louisville, Kentucky
    • Official Language English (de facto) nationwide
    • Government: Federal Republic
      • - 1st President: Jefferson Davis (D)
      • - 1st Vice President: Alexander Stephens (D)

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