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Confederate States of America (A Confederate Independence)

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Confederate States of America
Timeline: A Confederate Independence

OTL equivalent: CSA
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of CSA
Location of CSA

Deo Vindice (English)
("God Will")

Anthem "God Save the South"
Capital Richmond, Virginia
Largest city Richmond
Other cities Washington DC, Baltimore, Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans
Language English
Ethnic Group White, African American, Hispanic
Demonym Confederate
Government Confederal Republic
  legislature Legislature
[[Adam Summers (2020-2025)

Jonathan Pisaro (2025-2030)|President]]

[[John Smith (2020-2025)

Abraham Gomez (2025-2030)|Vice President]]

Area 1,995,392 km² (770,425 sq mi) km²
Population 260 million 
Established February 1861
Independence from United States of America
  declared February 1861
  recognized March 4, 1864
Currency Confederate Dollar
Internet TLD .cs

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