The Confederate States Presidential election of 2011 was held on November 8, 2011 to elect the President of the Confederate States. Incumbent Mike Huckabee was limited to a single six-year term as per the Constitution of the Confederate States and thus was ineligible to run again. The Conservative Party nominated Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, as their nominee at the nominating convention held in Galveston, while the Progressive Party nominated Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana as their nominee. It was the first time since the "Texan election" of 1975 that both major party candidates were from states mostly west of the Mississippi. The third party Southern Front chose Tennessee Senator Bob Corker as its nominee.

Despite poor performances for the Conservatives in the 2009 midterms and the ongoing economic crisis in the CSA following the 2008-11 global economic slowdown, Perry was narrowly elected over Landrieu thanks to narrow victories both in Arizona and, surprisingly, New Mexico that helped him overcome her strength in her home state and neighboring Arkansas, both crucial swing states. There was some controversy after the election about potential vote fixing, which Perry infamously called "sour grapes," though Landrieu conceded the election on November 10 after the returns in New Mexico were finalized.

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